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about Univ.Doz. ao.Univ.Prof.Dr.Kurosh Paya

Current position:
Professor of Pediatric Surgery
(Fulltime senior consultant)
Medical University of Vienna - General Hospital of Vienna
Department of Surgery, Division of Pediatric Surgery
1090 Vienna, Waehringerguertel 18-20

Pediatric Surgical Consultant at several Viennese private hospitals like: Private Clinic Doebling, Goldenes Kreuz Private Clinic, Vienna Privat Clinic, Rudolfinerhaus Private Clinic, etc.

Head of Clinic Vienna Dr.Paya private office.

Working as direct and not direct acting contractor to international charity organizations and
other national and international organizations (e.g. Grant to life, Moscow; SAV Group,
Astana; Pro Leben, Austria; imer, Vienna; Sanatatea Dumneavoastra, Romania;
EwroMed, Vienna-Russia; etc.) Direct contractor to the Ministry of Health of Kazachstan.

Personal profile:

male, married, three children
Nationality: Austria,
Born 1956 in Vienna, Austria


MUV  - Medical University of Vienna, Austria
CMO - Chief Medical Officer
UAE - United Arab Emirates
MUVI - Medical University of Vienna International
PCMC - Prince Court Medical Center
JCI - Joint Commission International

Medical curriculum:

  • 2013 Head of Dept. OT Manangement at LKH Graz/University clinics

• 2010-2011: CMO National Research Center for Maternal and Child Health, Astana, Kazachstan
• 2009: Appointment Adj.Assoc.Prof.of Pediatric Surgery , All Arab Faculty of Medical Sciences and Health, UAE
• 2008-2010: HOD Pediatric Surgery, Al Ain Hospital, Abu Dhabi, UAE
• 2007-2008: Consultant General Surgery, Transplantation Surgery, MUV
• 2006: Senior Clinical Consultant Prince Court Medical Center, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
• 2004: MUV Senior Consultant (Prof.Ped.Surg.)- permanent position as Professor for Pediatric Surgery

• 2004-2005: Consultant General Surgery, Pediatric Surgery, Central State Hospital Feldkirch, Vorarlberg, Austria
• 2004: Appointment Associate Professor Pediatric Surgery Medical University of Vienna, Austria
• 2003: Appointment Certified Medical Expert for the Austrian Court
• 2003: Diploma postgraduate course for medical management University of Vienna, (2 semesters)
• 1999: Consultant Pediatric Surgery
• 1998: Diploma Clinical Investigator
• 1998: Consultant General Surgery
• 1995: Consultant Family Medicine
• 1994-2004: Employment at MUV as Consultant and Senior consultant
• 1993-1994: Residency at Danube Hospital Vienna- 11months general surgery, 8 months pediatric surgery
• 1991-1993: Residency at Mautner Markhof Childrens Hospital, 21 months pediatric Surgery/pediatrics/pediatric and neonatal intensive care
• 1991: Residency at Special State Clinic Hermagor, 7 months traumatology
• 1988-1991: Residency at State Hospital Klagenfurt, Carinthia, Austria: 3 months urology; 3 months pediatric surgery; 3 months neurology; 2 months ENT; 6 months Cardiology; 3 months nephrology; 6 months gynecology; 2 months cardiac surgery.

Focused intensive pediatric surgical education from1977. Working as a medical doctor in a hospital from 1988. Specialization in Pediatric Surgery from 1991 at the former most important Pediatric Surgical Hospital in Vienna, the MMKSP (Mautner Markhof
Kinderspital) chaired by Professor Horcher I completed both, general and pediatric surgical education followed by intense scientific work on neonatologic surgery, minimal invasive surgery in pediatrics and vascular malformations. 1994 first laparoscopic appendectomy at the pediatric surgical division at the MUV. Research Grants from the Austrian National Bank „VEGF in hemangiomas, neuroblastoma, lymphangioma“-Nr.8310 and from the Major of Vienna (project 1095). Up to now 46 international publications and another 36 published international abstracts. Impact factor 60. Nearly 1000 international citations.
2004 „Habilitation“ (professorship for pediatric surgery) on the topic of minimal invasive surgery in pediatrics.

• All aspects of neonatal minimal invasive surgery, appendicitis and pediatric surgery addressing, publishing several internationally well recognized publications and a 27
pages contribution to an international Pediatric Surgery Textbook published in 2008.
• Further specialization in newborn surgery and particularly to intestinal and esophageal atresias and to very low birth weight infants. Introduction of new techniques, e.g. first successful use in Austria (and maybe Europe) of the elongation technique (Foker) in an
ultra long gap esophageal atresia in 2003.

From 2004 consultant for General Surgery and mainly Senior Consultant of Pediatric
Surgery at the central state hospital Feldkirch, Vorarlberg (Western Austria).
2006 on behalf of MUVI senior clinical advisor for setting up a new private clinic for Petronas Company in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Lectures at the University of Kebangsaan and the PCMC (Prince Court Medical Center), and heading the JCI accreditation process.
2 years of postgraduate study „Health Care Management“ at the MUV. Not yet finished writing the diploma thesis.
2008-2010 heading the Department of Pediatric Surgery and Adjunct Associate Professor for Pediatric Surgery for 3 years at the faculty of Abu Dhabi Medical University (the most renowned Arab medical University) in Al Ain. 2010-2011 chief medical officer (CMO) of National Research Center for Maternal and Child Health, for MUVI in Astana, Kazakhstan affiliated to the Nasarbajev University. Successful participation in 2 WHO projects („beyond the numbers“ and „effective perinatal care“) to reduce mortality and morbidity of newborns and mothers. Successful preparation for the JCI accreditation. Intermittent job as the head of the newly founded Dept. of OT Management at LKH Graz/UniverityClinics (the secondlargest Medical University of Austria) to build it up on behalf of new planned and constructed OT Center there from 2013 to 2014. Since February 2014 back in Vienna, again employed as Professor for Pediatric Surgery at MUV on a permanent position.

Kurosh Paya

Prof.Paya is still working mainly at the Div. of Pediatric Surgery at AKH Vienna, Medical University of Vienna. He is the only trained general and pediatric surgeon there. He is partly advisor of the St.Anna Childrens Hospital for pediatric surgical oncology as well as consultant at different private hospitals in Austria. Best trained in neonatal and pediatric surgery, particularly in hernias, laparascopic procedures, abdominal tumors, thoracic operations, thoracoscopic operations, undescended testis, circumcision, Hirschsprung`s disease, De la Torres procedure, Pena´s procedure for anal atresia, laparoscopic appendicectomy at all age groups, treatment of hemangiomas, treatment of lymphatic malformations, esophageal atresia, intestinal atresias, gastroschisis, omphalocele, ovarian cysts and tumors, teratomas, hydroceles, choledochal cyst, atresia of bile duct, echinococcus of lung or liver, ureteropelvic obstruction, gynecomastia, surgery of very low birthweight infants, Nuss repair of funnel chest, minimalinvasive gallbladder removal (cholecystectomy), but also reconstruction of vaginal hymen (only after balanced counselling), reduction of female genital labia, and many other surgical and non-surgical procedures.