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General Surgeon, Pediatric Surgeon, General Practitioneer, certified medical expert of the Austrian Court


Male circumcision exists more than 5000 years - and still under discussion...

Prof.Paya is a highly experienced specialist and teacher for circumcisions in Austria and is known far beyond the borders for religious, hygienic or medically indicated circumcision of the foreskin in boys and men.


The male circumcision is not a beginner operation and should not be performed by a quack. The result is in most cases not correctable and therefore the operation should always be put in the hands of a professional. 

Prof.Paya is a highly experienced specialist and teacher for circumcisions in Austria and is known far beyond the borders for religious, hygienic or medically indicated circumcision of the foreskin in boys and men. 

Circumcisions may be performed in adults for hygienic purposes, aesthetic purposes, or anyway and for religious purposes or medical indication in infants and toddlers. 

  • Circumcision in male infants for religious purposes should be performed early after birth (muslims) or on the eight day (jews) of life preferably. For medical indication let do it as soon as possible. The younger the child the more easy will the procedure be and less pain relief is needed. Also faster healing and less complications are to be expected.

We offer quick appointments, painless, sterile, state-of-the-art technology, with or without sedoanalgesia. Appointments directly selectable under "appointment" in the menu bar.


At the scheduled appointment you come either to our location at Brigittaplatz or to the chosen private clinic in Vienna. Parking lots are usually available directly in the near of our office. Wether you or your child should be fasting or not depends on planned sedoanalgesia or not and always will be notified in advance.

During the procedure and the preliminary preparations you will always be the only patient at our office to ensure your full privacy. We allow you to stay with your son during the circumcision, if requested. Relatives are welcome.

Pre examination: The penis and testis are examined for any abnormalities. The patient is checked for being otherwise healthy.

Preparation for the procedure: Pain relief suppositories and local anaesthetic ointment will be administered. If your son is older than 6-12 months or if you want anyway, the procedure will be performed under sedoanalgesia (no deep narcosis, your son will sleep deeply but breath by himself and feel no pain at all) by an experienced Pediatric anaesthetist. We have a clean surgery room (OT) at our office. There your son will be placed at the OT table in a moulded padded restraining board and legs are loosely strapped to prevent sudden movements as the procedure is delicate. Head, thorax and arms are free and according to the age of the patient he may drink from his bottle, play with his mobile, or sleep during the procedure.There is a glass window to watch your child directly for the whole time. If somebody wants to stay with the child within the OT she will be dressed for protection of bacterial contamination.

Procedure: Disinfection of the penis and surrounding area. Sterile draping. 2-5 cc (based on weight) of local anaesthetic is placed around the base of the penis and to the penile nerves via a very tiny needle (penile block). A sterile drape with a fenestration is placed over the area. The surgeon and the assistant wears a mask and a surgical cap, as well as sterile gloves. The foreskin is freed from the glans, and the redundant part of the foreskin is removed either by a special plastic device (takes up to 10 days to fall apart by itself), a special instrument named Gomco or by complete surgical cutting, electrocautery of small vessels and suturing with self absorbable sutures to control any bleeding. Generous amount of special antibacterial ointment and a non sticking bandage is then applied to the penis, to help prevent contact with stool in the diaper and rubbing on the diaper.

Parents will stay comfortably close to the treatment room only separated by a glass window to stay in contact to your baby all the time, then may view the circumcised penis and review the post procedure care.

Complications during male circumcision are rare when performed by well-trained, adequately equipped and highly experienced providers as we are.

Postoperatively: All drugs postoperatively needed for pain relief and infection prevention will be provided by us directly at the end of the procedure. You will be informed thoroughly how to manage the postoperative period, what to do in case of any complication, and where you may call or go for emergency situations.


The costs for the circumcision of a male infant usually amount to the surgical fee of the surgical group II or III of the agreed contract between the Austrian Insurance Association and the Medical Chambers. These rates are subject to change and can be viewed on the homepage of the Vienna Medical Association under "Medical Activity", "Fees".

Our normal rate for a plastic ring circumcision (only available for babies to 6-8 months) is from € 390 and for the surgical circumcision (most recommable technique)  in our OT under local anaesthesia it is from € 590 onwards. The package costs for medication, consumables and assistance, etc. are from € 180 per operation.

These costs do not include any sedoanalgesia you may require (child sleeps deeply, but breathes by itself), as this is always carried out by an experienced paediatric anaesthetist and is also charged directly to him (separate treatment contract).

In Austria, at other medical services you usually have to pay €800 to €3500 for a circumcision from a specialist, depending on the requirements (hospital/ consultation facility /home circumcision; anesthesia; age of the child; technique; etc.), whereby this high difference depends primarily on whether the circumcision is performed in a hospital or not.

In the total amount, the surgeon's fee is only a small part, the rest is made up of the fees for the daily admission to the hospital, op room usage fee, costs for medication, care and anesthesia. Remember that if you want to be treated according to the demands of modern safe and high-quality medicine, this effort must be rewarded. You only have this operation performed on your son once in a lifetime and you want a perfect result and the greatest possible safety for your child - this can only be guaranteed within the appropriate framework. Your hairdresser or the service of your car often costs more and you don't let that be done by a botcher in the backyard?

Be careful, there are also "circumcisers" in Austria, looking for clients via the internet, who are often not even doctors, or pretend to be surgeons, who do not have even certification and usually work without billing, only asking for a "donation", often with results that represent a stigma for later life or have to be repaired in a complicated way in hospital.

The man's penis is usually not exposed to public view, but errors in circumcision, both aesthetic/cosmetic and functional, can later cause psychological problems or even complete failure.

Please remember that this operation is generally NOT paid for by insurance companies (including private insurance companies), unless it is clearly medically indicated, or a goodwill assumption is agreed beforehand.

Socially deprived patients can get socially graduated special rates after consultation with us; please talk to us FIRST.

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