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Consultation Clinic Vienna-Dr. Kurosh Paya - Costs

Information on the costs


Our consultation is an elective medical practice and has no health insurance contracts. In general, there is no health insurance contract with the regional health insurance funds (WGKK, KGKK, etc.) in Austria. Therefore, you have to pay for our services or alternatively visit an outpatient clinic.

However, our fee notes should be submitted to your GKK for refund; you will find the prepared application for refund on the back of the invoice.

Unfortunately, even specialists in surgery (i.e. "adult surgeons") are generally unable to assist in pediatric surgery, as they often do not have the specialist knowledge and experience required - otherwise there would be no years of training in pediatric and adolescent surgery or the specialist in pediatric and adolescent surgery would be unnecessary. For this reason, you can essentially only obtain these benefits from the main association of social insurance companies at elective doctors or the few pediatric surgical outpatient clinics in Austria (with corresponding restrictions).
For consultations, expert opinions etc. we usually charge according to the time required. In doing so, we adhere to the current fee recommendation of the medical association for expert opinions.


The costs for a first consultation are always a little higher, as the patient has to be met once and usually amount to €120 - €170 depending on the time and examination effort. But they can also be much higher, because I cannot say in advance how long it will take or what kind of examinations, etc. are necessary. The follow-up consultations usually have lower costs (€80 - 120€), but this is also true here: Service and costs correlate with each other.

A part of the costs (80% of the corresponding health insurance rate) can be reclaimed from the health insurance company in the case of statutory health insurance patients.
We will gladly help you with the reclaim - a corresponding form is attached to every invoice.

If you have additional insurance or private health insurance, we can often also settle directly with your insurance company. If this is not the case, it should be clarified beforehand whether the insurance will cover the costs incurred. We will gladly help you with the clarification or submission.

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We have recently become a LARA partner of UNIQA. As a LARA partner policy holder, you can use our services without the inconvenience of prepayment, no more submissions to the GKK, no more submissions to UNIQA - we charge directly to UNIQA if you present your LARA direct settlement card!


Our normal rate for a plastic ring circumcision (only possible for babies) is from € 390 and for the surgical circumcision in our OP in the consultation facility under local anaesthesia it is from € 590 onwards. The package costs for medication, consumables and assistance, etc. are from € 180 per operation.
These costs do not include any sedoanalgesia you may require (child sleeps deeply, but breathes by itself), as this is always carried out by an experienced paediatric anaesthetist and is also charged directly to him (separate treatment contract).

The costs for the circumcision of a male infant usually amount to the surgical fee of the surgical group II or III of the agreed contract between the Austrian Insurance Association and the Medical Chambers. These rates are subject to change and can be viewed on the homepage of the Vienna Medical Association under "Medical Activity", "Fees".

In Vienna, you usually have to pay €300 to €3500 for a circumcision from a specialist, depending on the requirements (hospital/ consultation facility /home circumcision; anesthesia; age of the child; technique; etc.), whereby this high difference depends primarily on whether the circumcision is performed in a hospital or not. There are also "circumcisers" in Vienna, who are well known and often not even doctors, who work without a bill, sometimes against "donation", often with results that represent a stigma for later life or have to be repaired in a complicated way in hospital, but unfortunately are hardly ever pursued.

In the total amount, the surgeon's fee is only a small part, the rest is made up of the fees for the daily admission to the hospital, op room usage fee, costs for medication, care and anesthesia. Remember that if you want to be treated according to the demands of modern safe and high-quality medicine, this effort must be rewarded. You only have this operation performed on your son once in a lifetime and you want a perfect result and the greatest possible safety for your child - this can only be guaranteed within the appropriate framework. Your hairdresser or the service of your car often costs more and you don't let that be done by a botcher in the backyard?

The man's penis is usually not exposed to public view, but errors in circumcision, both aesthetic/cosmetic and functional, can later cause psychological problems or even complete failure.

Please remember that this operation is generally NOT paid for by insurance companies (including private insurance companies), unless it is clearly medically indicated, or a goodwill assumption is agreed beforehand.

Socially deprived patients can get socially graduated special rates after consultation with me; please talk to me FIRST.


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