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General Surgeon, Pediatric Surgeon, General Practitioneer, certified medical expert of the Austrian Court

Consultation Clinic Vienna-Dr. Kurosh Paya - Your doctor for general medicine and pediatric surgery

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you also look after patients with health insurance?

Consultation Clinic Vienna-Dr. Kurosh Paya - Your doctor for general medicine and pediatric surgery

Yes, but not at health insurance rates (e-card), but you will receive a part of the consultation fee back from your statutory health insurance upon request. I'm happy to help you with that.

Do I need the e-card to be treated at your clinic?


No. But if you have an e-card, it is helpful to show it.

How much does a consultation with you on a Sunday cost?

This depends on the amount of time and my effort. You can view the rates under "Costs" in the "Services" menu. I essentially follow the official recommendation of the Medical Association.

Do you attend to house calls as well?

Ordination Clinic Vienna-Dr. Kurosh Paya

Sure, call me. If I'm available, I'll come.

What do you do best?

Dr. Kurosh Paya

I am a general practitioner (formerly "physician") and a specialist in general surgery as well as a specialist in pediatric and adolescent surgery. So, I have a very comprehensive education and you can come to me with various kinds of problems. In most cases I can help you, and I also work with many specialists, so that you will always be well looked after.

I specialize mainly in pediatric surgery. This means that if you have a child and this child has a surgical problem (appendicitis, hernia, desire for circumcision, congenital malformations, etc.) you are in each case right to come to me.

I have particularly specialized in the treatment of appendicitis. I have written a textbook chapter on it. I have been using minimally invasive techniques for appendectomy since the early 1990s and this is a special field of research that I have taught many pediatric surgeons in Vienna as part of my teaching activities. Furthermore, I have decades of experience in thousands of cases of hernia operations in infants and circumcision of boys.

Even such mundane but very common and very annoying problems like ingrown toenails I treat with special care and with techniques that I have especially adapted successfully.

Why should I take my child to a pediatric surgeon and not to a (general) surgeon?

Ordination Clinic Vienna - Dr. Kurosh Paya

Children are not little adults. A specialist in general surgery usually does not have the experience in the diagnosis and treatment of infant and adolescent diseases. Mostly, he also lacks the necessary practice in surgical procedures in infants. Children have a completely different physiological and psychological condition. Growth and puberty cause other diseases than those common in adulthood, which often cannot be detected by a surgeon not experienced in pediatric surgery.

The pediatric surgeon's most important partners are therefore pediatricians, pediatric radiologists and pediatric anesthesiologists.

Aren't there pediatric surgeons with a health insurance contract?

No, there are currently no health insurance contracts for pediatric and adolescent surgeons in Austria.
If there is no pressure from the insured party, nothing will probably change. However, this also means that you are forced to either go to a hospital or pay for the consultation privately.

Do you also practice alternative healing methods?

Ordination Clinic Vienna - Dr. Kurosh Paya

No, although I don't see it in a negative light. Of course, I accept the desire for alternative medicine and will gladly support you in this. However, I am not trained in alternative medicine, so I leave it to the other colleagues.

If I need an operation, where will you operate?

Ordination Clinic Vienna - Dr. Kurosh Paya

As a rule, I operate at the University Clinic of Vienna (AKH Vienna).

Furthermore, in many private hospitals (for example in Vienna: Wiener Privatklinik, Rudolfinerhaus, Privatklinik Döbling, Privatklinik Josefstadt, Sanatorium Hera, Goldenes Kreuz, etc.).

This means that in each of these houses there is the possibility to be personally attended by me.

What is the purpose of private health insurance?

Ordination Clinic Vienna - Dr. Kurosh Paya UNIQA

Probably the most important benefit of private supplementary health insurance is the FREE CHOICE OF DOCTORS.

This means that you can choose the doctor (in all non-public hospitals) you trust or the specialist you want as your surgeon. This gives you the guarantee of treatment by a medical doctor who is experienced and usually takes his time.

You will then be looked after personally by this doctor and this costs much more than the statutory health insurance pays. These additional costs are covered by the private supplementary insurance.

In addition, your hospital room must meet certain minimum standards in case of an inpatient stay. Depending on the tariff you choose, you are also entitled to a double or single room ("hotel component"). However, you should not overestimate this, because nowadays in-patient stays are kept as short as possible and good medical treatment is certainly much more important than a few days of hotel character in a hospital room.

By the way, we are LARA partners of UNIQA and can therefore settle accounts directly with UNIQA for these patients.

Can I choose the treating (operating) doctor in a public hospital if I have supplementary insurance?

Ordination Clinic Vienna - Dr. Kurosh Paya

No, actually, you cannot. In public hospitals, the head of the department decides who will operate, this is completely independent of your insurance. As a university professor, I can and may in any case operate on you personally at the AKH.

However, if you want to be absolutely sure that you or your child will only be operated on by a doctor you trust and that the anaesthesia will also be carried out by an anaesthetist selected by me, I can treat (operate on) you in one of Vienna's modern private clinics.

Do you also operate on children with the buttonhole method (minimally invasive)?

Ordination Clinic Vienna - Dr. Kurosh Paya

Yes. That is exactly my specialty! It was believed that this technique should not be used on children.

I introduced minimally invasive surgery ("buttonhole surgery") for infants against great resistance at the University Clinic of Vienna and have also successfully applied it, for example, in advanced appendicitis. Many surgeons have learned this surgical technique from me.

As with adults, this method also results in shorter hospital stays, less pain and fewer large, visible scars in children.


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