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If you have any questions, please send a mail to
I will try to answer as soon as possible

Some answers to frequently asked questions

Do you accept patients with "Krankenkasse" (Austrian governmental insurance reimbursement)?

Do I have to show my "e-card" at your office?

How much do you ask for a visit at sunday or holiday?

Do you come to my home for a house-call?

What is your speciality?

Why should I visit a pediatric surgeon with my child instead of any surgeon?

Are there any pediatric surgeons working for the governmental insurance (Krankenkase)?

Do you offer alternative medicine?

If I have to be operated on, at which hospital do you prefer to do the operation?

pediatric hernias

Why a private insurance?

Do you offer minimal invasive techniques for children too?

Do you offer circumcisions?

Will the governmental insurance (Krankenkasse) pay for circumcision?

Something to know about appendicitis