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  • minimal invasive surgery (MIS): (particularly minimal invasive pediatric surgery)
  • laparascopically appendectomy (single trocar, two  trocars, three trocars)
  • diagnostic MIS
  • laparoscopically cholecystectomy
  • laparoscopically cholangiography in newborns with unclear hyperbilirubinemia or prolonged icterus
  • MIS and surgery also in newborns with very low birthweight
  • esophageal atresia, Foker´s methode
  • all types of male circumcision
  • ultrasound examination


Children and adults - most modern technique at private hospital or AKH Vienna

Laparoscopically or open technique.

Inguinal hernia

particularly in children with shortest stay at hospital


Now you have the possibility to let circumcise your baby in a clean and modern, hygienic environment by most modern measures. 

Our new operating room at the completely new renovated private office in 1200 Vienna, Brigittaplatz 23 offers you a sterile and comfortable environment for this religious requested surgery for boys for only € 250.- to 400.- if the baby is less than 6 months and no narcosis/sedoanalgesia is needed.

If sedonanlgesia is needed we will offer once a month a date when an experienced anesthesist will be available. Costs will be from €550.-

Please contact me at:

If preferred, we can perform the circumcision at a private hospital too, at any Viennese Private Clinic - as e.g. Private Clinic Rudolfinerhaus, Private Clinic Doebling, Vienna Private Clinic, Private Clinic Goldenes Kreuz or others.