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as at June 2018

The fees for my services range from  €140.- for the first visit at the office but may rise depending to the time consumed and complexity of the problem. If you are insured by a national insurance company in Austria like Gebietskrankenkasse, you may get back a part of the costs. With private insurance companies it is recommended first to obtain a written approval for payment. We will appreciate to help you.

Follow up visits count for € 90.- to €120.- (mostly € 90.-) each, depending on the time spent

Additional fees (if applicable):

attestations: €20.-;

vaccinations: 20.- plus the costs for the vaccine itself; 

ultrasound examination: € 35.- to € 60.-

small surgical intervention: € 60.-

If you want to make an appointment from abroad please contact me ahead to get a cost estimation.

Regarding second opinions or expertises the fees will be charged according to the "Honorarordnung der Ärztekammer" - the official recommendations of the Austrian medical chamber.

As an example for information only non binding the costs for male circumcision as a very common operation are calculated as:

At our own modern operating theatre (Brigittaplatz 23, 1200 Vienna):

Infant: € 190.- to 390.- (depending on the technique used)-under local anesthesia

Toddler: € 190.- to 390.- (depending on the technique used)-under local anesthesia

if requested additional anesthesist for sedoanalgesia (patient sleeps but breathes by himself): plus € 350.-

At private hospital:

  • Fees for 1 day, 0 night: approx. €650,00 to €900,00 depending on the chosen clinic (some of the hospitals do include all fees except the doctors fees)
  • Fees for the operating room, OT nurse, drugs and disposables all in: €350,00 to €600,00 depending on the chosen clinic or office
  • Fees for the pediatric surgeon: The regular fee agreed between the private Austrian insurance companies and the Medical Chamber is between approx. € 580.- and € 960.- depending on the age of the patient, but may rise under certain circumstances
  • Fees for the anesthetist (if narcosis is requested): approx. € 200.- to € 350.- (approx. € 200.- to 400.- as to the contract of the Austrian Medical Chamber and the Austrian Private Insurance Companies) depending on the age of the patient and the risks/efforts/requests and may rise under certain circumstances

This cost estimation is based on the generally high quality standards of the medical services in Vienna and the applying Austrian laws and regulations

Please refer also to the "Honorarordnung der Ärztekammer" - the official fees recommendations of the Austrian medical chamber (

Please feel free to contact me for more information, I will provide a cost estimation always on your request; see the template at the menu bar "service requests"